Last Thursday…the angels were having a party…

…because these two asked Jesus into their hearts.


It was a simple conversation about obedience, after reading a Bible story, that led to the right time to ask, “Do you want to ask Jesus into your heart”?  Mackenzie prayed first.  Jackson and I held her hands and she prayed the prayer that will be a defining moment in her life.  Then after we were finished and I told her that the angels were having a party for her…Tucker said he wanted to pray too.:)  So after making sure that he understood what he was doing, Mackenzie and I held his hands and he prayed too.

He anointed us, set His seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.  II Cor 1:21-22

Thank you Father…you are so faithful.



3 thoughts on “Last Thursday…the angels were having a party…

  1. That is awesome news! God is so faithful ~ and they will be shining lights to all they encounter, leading others to know Him, too.
    I love that photo, too…makes me long for a cool breeze again. Can believe we’ll have a cool front next week, and the high will only be 94 degrees…can we really be on the road to fall?
    Love you – and love your two middle ones!

  2. I’m rejoicing all over again! Praise to our faithful Father. The best gift as a parent!! I love those kids so much and tell them their aunt is so excited they joined the BIG family! Miss you all!

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