School Days…










Monday morning a second grader and a kindergartener woke up in our house.:)  They were both so excited to go to school.  We were not too worried about Mackenzie being nervous or intimidated…on Sunday she said to me, “Mom, Ms. Wilson is going to be so excited to see me tomorrow.”  Apparently we have done a good job instilling confidence into our children.  :)

When we got to school, Jackson quickly let us know that he knew where to go and didn’t need any help…so off he went…a BIG second grader.  We focused our attention on Mackenzie…took lots of pictures…gave lots of hugs, and then it was time for her to line up and follow her teacher to her new classroom.  Once we got to the door she gave me a hug and a kiss and then walked right in and didn’t look back!  They both had a great first day and were excited to go back today.  I love this stage…so many new experiences…what a privilege to experience it with them.



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