Some highlights…

…from her first week of school.


  • She calls everyone in her class her friend…my friend Alexis, my friend AJ…
  • She describes everyone based on their hair and what they were wearing.:)
  • She decided that she was brave enough for just Jackson to walk her to her table the last two mornings.
  • She was really proud of herself for answering a question right during her first Spanish class.:)
  • She saw Jackson in the hallway and he smiled and waved at her…made her day!
  • She has honestly told me everyday when the class was not obeying the teacher.:)
  • She LOVES picking out her outfits.
  • She LOVES her teacher Ms. Wilson.
  • Most importantly…she LOVES not taking a nap!

A really great first week of Kindergarten…I think she’ll go back next week, ;)

happy weekend,



2 thoughts on “Some highlights…

  1. I Love it! She was made for school! What a little social bug too:) Tell her we are so proud of her. Love ya!

  2. This is SO different than my boy who barely shares anything at all. :) I can already tell with Faith that she’ll be more like Mackenzie!

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