brother, sister, brother, brother…

If there is one thing I have prayed over and over for my children (besides for their salvation), it’s that they would get along. Not just love each other…but genuinely like each other too. Some days it seems like a far off, unreachable dream as I referee the 87th fight of the day. But then there are days like Sunday…
Jackson comes into the kitchen with my laptop and a wad of $1 bills. He tells me that he has been thinking about Mackenzie’s birthday that’s coming up. He knows how much she loves Vera Bradley so he got on line to see what he could find for her. He said, “Mom, I’m not really rich enough to buy her something big, but I did find this little stationery set that I think she will like. Can we order it”? Unprompted…his own hard earned money. I had to work really hard to not start crying and embarrass the poor kid.
Or last night…
Tucker got a new lamp that attaches to his bunk bed. He was pretty excited about it. :) Last night he and Mackenzie spent about 30 min before bed taking turns reading stories to one another…

Makes this mama’s heart feel really full.


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