Spiderman, Morph, a Mouse, and a Lion…AKA Halloween 2012

I’m not sure how many of my annual Halloween photo shoots I have left.  Jackson is less and less excited about being in front of the camera. ;)  So I am going to enjoy them while they last.

Without further adieu…


Luke the Lion…very appropriate for his “roaring” personality. ;-)


Tucker…our favorite web-slinger…VERY into superheroes right now.

The prettiest little Mouse you have ever seen…she was happy to Trick or Treat for one street and then come home and rest her pretty little feet. :)

And Jackson the Morph…I just shook my head because I did not “get” this costume.  However I am sure this is only the beginning of me shaking my head as he enters the pre-teen and teen years. ;-)

And this last picture…well, this is where our little lion sat (right next to me) while every one else went Trick or Treating.  A few too many “roaring” temper tantrums that day caused him to miss out on the fun.   This kid…life with him is NEVER…I repeat NEVER boring. :)

Happy November!



2 thoughts on “Spiderman, Morph, a Mouse, and a Lion…AKA Halloween 2012

  1. So cute! I understand what you mean about the morph thing. One of our middle school girls had a purple one on for the youth Halloween party – she was really excited about it. I’m thinking it’s a “thing” right now – cool kids wear those morph suits! ;)

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