A couple weeks of “firsts”…

1.  I am blogging for the first time in far too long…;)

2.  Jack, Mack, and Tuck had their first day of school…

(Three awesome teachers…SO thankful for them!  My kiddos are extremely blessed!!!)

3.  We had our first Husker game of the season (and the second one too…but we won’t talk about that game;)…and so we took our annual first game picture.  The San Antonio chapter of Texans for Nebraska…

4.  Luke had his first day of school (and a second and third), and has not had one bad report.  Everyday miracles…we are thankful for them! ;-)

(Apparently practicing your Ninja moves is the best way to get ready for preschool.)

5.  Jackson and Mackenzie both had their first games.  Jackson playing Flag Football and Mackenzie cheering…

They both did a great job and they had a pretty cute little spectator cheering them on…

Life is full…very full…but we wouldn’t change it for the world.  Love watching my kiddos grow up and experience new things.  Each day is a gift…:)



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