Bluebonnets and an update…

One of the best parts about living in Texas is the wildflowers that we get to enjoy in the Spring…especially the Bluebonnets.  This year the Bluebonnets were an extra special treat because we were in a horrible drought last year which meant no wildflowers.  It is so fun to drive around right now and see such incredibly beautiful flowers growing everywhere…

A couple of weeks ago we were at one of our favorite parks and I found a beautiful spot for pictures.  I knew I wanted to bring the kids back to take some pictures of them.  We had some time yesterday so I took advantage of it.  I don’t know that the kids were all that excited about having their pictures taken but I sure was excited to be taking them.  I have not had my camera out a whole lot lately and I have missed it!  I quickly threw together some outfits from things that we had and we headed out to the park.  Jackson acted like I was causing him physical pain and that I was ruining his life…oh how difficult it is to be ten. ;)  Despite some initial drama which led to the kids getting a quick lecture from Dad (You know the…You’re mom does so much for you and all she is asking is that you smile for a few stinking pictures lecture), I actually got some really great shots.

Here are some of my favorites along with a little update on what everyone has been up to…

Jackson is happy to be free of the cast that he wore for about six weeks.  The break healed really well and tomorrow he is finally clear to participate in PE again.  He will also be able to start golf again.   He is very excited.  We are definitely hitting a new stage with him…a little pre-teen attitude.  Ugh…not my favorite… but it is causing me to pray A LOT for wisdom.  I love this kid…I’m praying that we don’t just survive the pre-teen/teen years but that we actually enjoy them. ha

My beautiful Mackenzie…she has been busy learning how to run the house. ;-)  I’m kidding but only a little bit.  Thanks to my mom she has been learning how to cook.  My mom is so much more patient with her in the kitchen.  I am amazed at just how much she can do.  On Friday my parents came over to watch the kids while Galen and I went out.  I left the recipe and ingredients for Pizza bites.  She made them with my mom and then on Sunday while Luke and I were at a Birthday party she made them again…all by herself.  All Galen did was put them in the oven for her.  She just loves all things domestic…cooking, sewing, organizing.  She is going to make a great wife someday! :)

My sweet Tucker.  He is just such an easy kid.  My favorite errand running buddy (shhh…don’t tell the other 3) and the one that I can always make laugh.  He turned 7 at the beginning of this month and his favorite birthday present was a pet turtle from his friends Evan and Kiki.  He decided to name his new friend Awesome. :)  Tuck really loves Awesome and he is really good at remembering to feed him.  And mom is really good at cleaning out the stinky water.

And then there’s Lukie…this last picture says it all.  This was his special pose for me.  Also notice the grass and dirt stains…those happened within 3 minutes of being at the park.  He is just a character.  Life is never boring with Lukie.  The big news in Luke’s life is that at the beginning of February he finally decided to use the big boy potty.  Woo hoo!!  After over 10 years of changing diapers we are finally done!  Galen and I keep looking for a certificate of appreciation from Huggies or Pampers but so far nothing. ;)  Lately Luke loves to tell people that he is the youngest of four but don’t you dare tell him that he is the smallest.  He will quickly correct you and let you know that he is the mediumest. :)

My favorite three, seven, eight, and ten year old in the whole wide world.  So thankful to be their mom…even when they make a fuss about me taking their pictures. :)

…jenn :)


3 thoughts on “Bluebonnets and an update…

  1. Ummm….seriously…those are some C.U.T.E. kiddos! Loving their sweet freckles and sweet smiles! Had to call Mark over to see the Conant kiddos looking so grown up, handsome, and beautiful!

    Love from Omaha…

  2. I LOVE these pics Jenn. So beautiful and you really captured each kid’s personality so well.
    And of course… these are some of the best kids I know! ;)
    Love to you all!!!

  3. I’m just wanting to hop a plane to San Antonio!!!! LOVE these kiddos and their uniqueness! Each one is so very precious and I miss you all. GREAT PICS, Jenn!!! And what a beautiful time of year with the bluebonnets!

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