my little mossy heart…

I have had this black frame up for about a year now.  It was part of this grouping that I did on one of my living room walls…

I wanted to somehow incorporate my little vintage, floral purse into this grouping, and the black frame was the perfect solution.  And then when I was decorating this past Christmas, I thought it would be fun to change what was in the frame to give this wall a little holiday cheer.  I took down the purse and put up a little wreath…

I loved the seasonal touch on this wall, so I decided to replace the wreath with something for Valentines day.  Of course I was decorating at 9pm and wasn’t about to leave the house.  It needed to be something that I already had or something I could make  with existing craft supplies.  I knew I wanted  a heart but not just a red heart…something a little more creative. ;)  I remembered a project that I made a few years back using moss, and I immediately got the inspiration that I needed.  This is what I came up with…

All I did was take floral foam and cut it into the shape of a heart (warning…messy!).  Then I took the moss and covered the foam.  I used hot glue to attach the moss but it was messy.  After I was finished I remembered the last project I did with moss I used straight pins to attach it.  No mess…and they work great!  After I covered the heart I added a strip of red ribbon (hot glued to the back of the heart), cut out a felt heart (glued that to the ribbon), and then added a red button with a little bling glued on top. :)   I think it fits perfectly inside the frame and I love the little touch it adds to the wall…

I’m already looking for something to put in there for Spring/Easter.

Happy Tuesday…



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