Oh what a day…

It started out great! Back in the Fall I started meeting with my 3 friends Daphne, Annie, and Kelly (all our kids go to school together) for a Thursday morning Bible study. We have such a great time together and I look forward to it every week. We had a great discussion and then I left to go to Tucker’s first grade field trip. Annie drove with me because her daughter is in first grade too. We had a great time chatting on our way there. The field trip was downtown at a Children’s theater. The theater has very little parking so I had to park in another lot.
I found a $2 lot and noticed the payment kiosk when we first drove in but I ended up parking on the opposite side of the lot. Annie and I were just chatting away and I completely forgot to pay!
It was such a fun field trip and I really enjoyed my time with Tuck…



All the kids got to play at a great playground by the theater, we ate lunch, and then we enjoyed a fun show called Diary of a Worm, a Spider, and a Fly. About 5 minutes before the show ended I remembered…I never paid for parking!! The kids all got back on the buses to go back to school and as Annie and I were walking back to my van I jokingly said, “I hope there’s not a boot on it.”
I had every intention of paying the $2, but before I could do that Annie noticed a sticker on my window and a boot on my front and back wheel. Ugh! And then I read the sticker and found out that I had to pay a fine of $110 to get the boots off. That was exactly how I wanted to spend $110 today…
SO frustrating but I didn’t exactly have a choice. I said goodbye to $110 and we were on our way. It was an honest and VERY expensive mistake…one I don’t plan to make again.
And if that wasn’t enough excitement for the day…
I made it back with just enough time to pick up Jackson for a doctor’s appointment. On our way to the appointment I picked up Luke from preschool. We made it to the doctor’s office and as I am answering some of the nurses questions Luke tells me that he needs to go potty. He is newly potty trained so when he says he needs to go…we go! He goes potty and we make it back before the doctor comes in. After the doctor comes in I noticed Luke move towards the corner. I start having a discussion with the doctor about some headaches that Jack has been having. I am trying to really concentrate but then I notice Luke backing farther and farther into the corner …I look over at him and he looks at me with very watery eyes. I knew exactly what he had done. And just in case I wasn’t sure, the smell confirmed my suspicions. :( The smell just kept getting worse and worse and the exam was not even half way over. It was just impossible to ignore, so I decide that the best thing to do is say, “I’m so sorry Dr. T. I think my little one had an accident in his pants and that is why it smells so bad in here.”
Goodbye dignity… I hope to meet again someday.
I will spare you the details of the clean up process…yuck.
Tomorrow is a new day…one that will hopefully be free of car boots and poopy pants.
…jenn :)


3 thoughts on “Oh what a day…

  1. you know how girl scouts get badges??


    I think moms need to start wearing sashes and putting badges on them for things like this….then they won’t seem ‘bad’, they’ll seem like we meant to earn them!

  2. Oh Jenn! That does sound like one of those crazy days – I know you handled it with grace just like you always do. Missing you today!

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