I found a few words…

I had no intention of taking such a long break from my blog, but one thing led to another and it is now almost February. ;)  We spent the majority of Christmas break in Nebraska, and I thought that I would blog while we were there but instead I just enjoyed being there.  We had such a great time with family.  Since this blog is like a scrapbook for my family I do want to do a quick recap…for memories sake. :)

The kids were so excited for snow.  They were just sure that they would be able to go sledding with their cousins.  However, this was the extent of the snow that we saw and instead we enjoyed some really nice December days.  I, for one, was really thankful for the nice weather because after 5 years in Texas I am definitely becoming a big wimp with the cold!

Santa came and brought presents for all the kids.  Luke was less than thrilled with the “ladies first” policy for opening presents. ;)

I got my Christmas miracle and was able to get a good picture of the 6 of us on Christmas day. ;)  There was some tebowing, a talent show put on by all the cousins, lots of playing, time spent with Grammy…Oh, and of course we ate and drank coffee…and ate and drank coffee, and ate and drank coffee, etc…

The last two pictures were taken while we were all together and my in-laws used them for their Christmas letter.  This should answer the question I have to answer the most when people hear how big the family is.  Do you all fit in one house?  Yes, yes we do. :) 

It was a blessed Christmas and we did not get back to Texas until January 3rd so we hit the new year running.  2012 is going to look a little different for me.  I am making some changes…letting some things go…and trusting God as He leads and guides.  I am excited.  As the Lord gives me the words, I will share about some of the things He has laid on my heart.

He has always been faithful and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He will continue to be…

This songs says it so perfectly.

Grateful for my faithful God…



3 thoughts on “I found a few words…

  1. Beautiful pictures! I smiled at the tebowing. We did that as a middle school activity a month or so ago and it is such fun. Your family is beautiful, as well as your tremendous, inspiring extended family. That is so remarkable. God is so gracious! Happy New Year!

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