A Merry Pinterest Christmas to YOU…

As I have said before…one of my favorite things about creating is when I can give my creations away.  So, during this Christmas season I want to give a little gift to one of you.  I put together a trio of items that I hope one of you will really enjoy…

This little trio includes a pleated scarf in a soft, chocolate brown knit…

a CD ornament with John 3:16 on it…

and a “sharpie” NOEL pillow…

These were three of my favorite projects from this week and I would love to share them with you!  So, all you need to do it leave me a comment letting me know what is the best Christmas gift you have ever received.  Leave your comment before tomorrow (Thursday) at 6:00pm CST.  I will have my trusty assistant Lukie pick a lucky winner. :)

Merry, Merry Christmas to each one of you!

Much Love,



21 thoughts on “A Merry Pinterest Christmas to YOU…

  1. My best Christmas gift came a month early, 8 years ago. She was due near Christmas, but she graced us with her presence early! She is the best thing that I ever created with Troy, plus her brother. She continues to bring us the greatest joy and love. She gave me my common name, Mom. I love her to the moon and back, her name, Olivia Gayle Jackson!

  2. My best Christmas gift was in 2003, 2005 and 2008 when my girls were born. They were the best birthday and Christmas gifts ever!

  3. ok. to be materialistic. obviously Jesus and my family are the greatest gifts ever but the greatest gift that came with wrapping paper on was a charm bracelet Jake put together and gave me many years ago.
    it’s still precious to me. (actually, I have several gifts from him that rock, he’s an excellent gift giver!)

  4. Ok if I win will you send it to me in N. Dakota!! I really really really want to win!!!haha! I have been blessed to get many great gifts for Christmas some of my favorites have been: a Sega in 6th grade(my parents), a flip video camera(my in-laws), a pair of slippers I still wear all the time(natalie), and little gifts from the kids. Usually I ruin the surprise of my gifts by begging people to tell me what they are before Christmas comes :)

  5. My favorite Christmas gift was a four level Barbie house, the best part was when I was too old to play with it I got to give it to a cousin who loved it just as much as I did!

  6. You’re so talented, Jenn!

    My most memorable Christmas gift was the year that my parents told me I could go to New Zealand as an exchange student. I had been begging them for a year and thought I’d never be able to, but Christmas morning, they gave me a journal for the beginning of my new adventure. :)

  7. Hey Lukie! Pick me! Pick me! :) The best Christmas gift I’ve ever received was finding out I was going to be a Mommy shortly before Christmas 2004 and getting to announce it to everyone on Christmas day.

  8. I have many memories of wonderful gifts. One is the typewriter my parents gave me in 7th grade so I could get cracking on my novel. Which exists. 30 single spaced typed pages of angst. (That particular gift is one I have refrained from sharing with the world… Ha ha!)

  9. My best x-mas present was a quilt made of all of my childhood T-shirts! So practical but meaningful! I love all of these wonderful crafts you created! I hope I get to see you over x-mas.

  10. My favorite Christmas gift was from my husband (before he asked Jesus into his heart). He gave me a James Avery bracelet with an ichthys on it so that everyone would know “who I was”. It made me smile that he knew how much my faith meant to me. At the time we had very different beliefs.

  11. How creative and giving of you!! I actually think of the best gift I gave instead of one received. I somehow hid for a few weeks that I was pregnant with our second child until Brian opened one of his gifts that was a baby bottle with a poem I had written to him sharing about our little one on the way!! It was his surprise and reaction that I remember.

  12. Your projects are so cute Jenn! Love them!
    Best gift… I have lots, but I’ll pick the one I got on Dec 23rd, 1999.
    Tim proposed to me in the sweetest way, and it was a huge surprise. He had been saying the weeks before this that he wasn’t ready to get married and wanted to “live out of a suitcase” and travel for work more until he settled down. Stinker! It was a wonderful surprise and a great Christmas gift.

  13. Obviously, my salvation in Jesus Christ is the greatest gift, but if I had to pick a material gift, it would have to be my very first sewing machine given to me by Jacob the first Christmas we were married. I never even asked for one…the last time I had touched a sewing machine was in high school. I still use it today, even more so than my fancy electronic embroidery machine. :)

  14. The best gift I ever received was the music box Justin gave me the Christmas before we were married. He had the song inside personalized to Willie Nelson’s “You are always on my mind.” I have always loved Willie and it was so sweet that he remembered one of my favorite songs!! The music box was pink too, another favorite! Justin hit a home run with that Christmas gift! My Swiffer Wet Jet is a close second! Ha! Love you, Jen!

  15. I think I’m so tired out from holiday busy-ness that my mind is a total blank. All I can think of is the gift that I’m looking forward to getting: a new superwarm winter coat. Having to pick up and drop off three kids at three different times makes me look forward to have something that will really keep me warm here in the “windy city”!

  16. One of my best gifts for Christmas came in 2000 when I met my now Best Friend and Love on a blind date with the whole family there:)

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