A Merry Pinterest Christmas~ Day 5

Day 5…yay!!  Once again, I have had so much fun doing all of these Pinterest projects.  I hope you have enjoyed following along. :)

Day 5’s project is one of the first things that I pinned on my Christmas board.  The use of old CD’s or DVD is what drew me in.   I would say that 80% of our DVD’s are scratched and many of those are scratched to the point of not working.  I have started throwing them away, but when I saw this project I knew this was the perfect use for them!

Here is the original pin…


And here are my versions…

When I first saw these on Pinterest, I really liked the idea of spelling out a word or making one for each of the kids with their initial on it.  But then last week Mackenzie did something that changed my mind.  She came downstairs with an ornament that she had made for our tree…

I love that she chose John 3:16.  I don’t always think of it as a “Christmas verse” but I should.  It is the heart of Christmas…the Father sending the son as his ultimate gift of love to us.  So I followed Mack’s lead and chose some  scripture to put on my ornaments.  I went back and forth on a few verses but I finally decided on the four ways that Jesus is described in Isaiah 9.

HE is our …

I followed the tutorial from the original pin and I love how they turned out.  They are a great addition to our tree.  :)

Make sure you come back tomorrow.  I’ve got a fun little surprise to share with you!!

Happy Monday…




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