A Merry Pinterest Christmas~ Day 3…

I am SO sorry for missing yesterday.  Luke was sick yesterday and so my plans were altered a bit.  By the time I finished my project it was late, dark, and I could not get a decent picture.  So I decided to wait until this morning. :)


I have a home decor project today!  I was intrigued by this one when I first pinned it because it involved a sharpie. ;-)

Here is the original pin…



And here is my version…


I was amazed at how a sharpie really does work!  I used canvas for my pillows and decided to add some little rolled flowers for color.  It seemed so unnatural to write on a pillow with a permanent marker.  I kept hearing my voice saying, “You only draw on paper!”  I’ve only said that a million times to a certain little 3 year old. :)  But after stuffing the pillow…I just kinda went for it.  I did it free hand but if that makes you nervous you can definitely sketch it with a pencil first.

I liked doing the writing after I stuffed because then I knew exactly where the writing would end up.   However, writing before stuffing would give you a flat surface to work on.   I would just keep the lettering towards the center.

I think they are a fun addition to my holiday decor.  I have some canvas left so I might make a smaller one for my love seat.  And now I am trying to come up with some other fun projects using a sharpie…hmmm…. ;-)




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