a Merry Pinterest Christmas~ Day 2 (with a bonus)…

Day 2’s project was a Christmas craft to make with the kids. We had a lot of fun making them, and the kids did a great job. I, however, made a little error that affected them just a little bit. ;-) But hopefully you can learn from my mistake! ha ha

So here is the original pin…

and here is one of our versions…

My kids love snow globes and so I thought this would be a great craft to do with them. My mistake was the type of glass jar that I used. I just assumed that a mason jar would work great but the neck on these jars did not work well at all. As you can see from the picture, it distorts the view of the figures. There was also the issue of the inside circle of the lid that is loose. I had to glue that to the outer part of the lid which was an extra step. After we completed the project I noticed that the tutorial recommends different types of jars and mason jars were not one of them. ;-) Instead they recommended spaghetti sauce jars, baby food jars, olive jars, etc. Plain, simple jars are best.

The pin does not have a tutorial, so here is the tutorial that I followed...


The kids enjoyed making them, they love how they turned out, and they do not care that the glass jars weren’t the “perfect” ones. It was a fun, family activity…and that is what matters. :)

I have a bonus project for you tonight. :) I wasn’t planning on using this as a project for this week, but after I made it I knew that I had to share! It is another scarf and it is SO cute!

So…here is the original pin…

And here is my version…

And here is another awkward picture of me…

I absolutely love this scarf! I think this might be my favorite Pinterest project that I have made. It was really simple and it would make a great gift! Do not be intimidated by the instructions. If you can fold, pin, and sew a straight line..you can make it. :)

I followed the tutorial exactly… although I did not have as much knit as the pattern called for so I just made it a little shorter. There were so many of you that liked the first Pinterest scarf that I made… I knew I had to share this one with you too. ;-)

This scarf is just too cute to keep all to myself. I just might have to give one away…;).

Be back tomorrow…



3 thoughts on “a Merry Pinterest Christmas~ Day 2 (with a bonus)…

  1. I went and got supplies for this craft today! I had a hard time finding everything in one place. And the jars I picked out look similar to yours, but they’re not mason jars. It has a full screw on lid in one piece so that’s good to know I got the right kind…whew! I could not find small plastic figurines/trees for the inside…where did you find yours? I had to improvise with small ornaments.

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