5 days of…

My 10 days of Pinterest was so much fun, so I decided to do another one especially for Christmas!!  I am only doing 5 days this time because this season is such a busy one.  I have some fun projects planned this week.  A couple of kids crafts, some DIY gifts, and some decor.  I think it is going to be fun!

For Day #1 I have a DIY gift.  I pinned this a while back with Christmas gifts in mind.  Here is the original pin…

And here is my version…

Since I had never done anything like this before I decided to start with mugs for my own family. ;)  These mugs are for Jack, Mack, Tuck, and Luke  to enjoy their Kids Coffee (a little bit of coffee a LOT of cream and sugar) in.  I have very small espresso mugs that I normally use but they are a little too small for them these days.  These mugs should have plenty of room for their beloved Kids Coffee.   Overall I think they turned out pretty cute.  I used the tutorial from the original pin as a guide but I did make some changes.  Here is what I did…

-In the tutorial she uses graphite paper.  When I went to Michaels to purchase graphite paper there was only one package and it was $13.99.  I did not want to spend that much on just graphite paper so I opted for two graphite pencils for $3.99.  I knew I would have to alter the technique a little bit but I hoped for the best.  Here is what I did…

After printing out my letters…

I flipped them over and with my graphite pencil I traced really hard and really dark along the outline of the letter…

Then I used double sided tape to position the letter on the mug…

I then took the pencil and traced REALLY hard around the edge of the letter.  When I took the paper off I had an outline of the letter.  It was pretty faint…faint enough that I couldn’t really photograph it, but it was enough for me to use as a guide as I filled in with the porcelain marker.   The graphite paper would definitely give a much darker outline.  Maybe it can be found cheaper elsewhere but I only had time for one craft store stop and $13.99 at Michaels was not in my budget. :)

In the tutorial she went to second hand stores to find her mugs.  I found mine at Michaels for $1.99 each.  I know they would be cheaper second hand but I was okay with $1.99 because it meant not having to make another stop with a certain 3 year old. ;)

The porcelain marker I used was $4.99 at Michaels and I had a 40% off coupon so it was a good deal.  One thing that I would do differently is that I would buy a fine and a broad tip porcelain marker.  The fine worked great for outlining but I would have loved a broad tip one to fill in the letters.  I think it would look a lot smoother.

After I filled in the letters I decided that Mackenzie’s needed a little something more so I added some polka dots.  That is one of the great things about this project…the possibilities for what to put on the mug go on and on.  As I was making them I thought that silhouettes would look really cute.  I might give that a try next.

The kids LOVE their mugs.  They were really excited when I was making them.  Jackson requested to use his tomorrow for his Birthday Breakfast.

The kids and I are working on the project for Day 2 tonight.  Hoping they turn out as cute as they look in the picture…;)

Happy Monday…



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