My baby girl turned eight today.

As I was looking through pictures of her I just kept thinking over and over again…

She is so beautiful.

And she is…

blue eyes


sweet smile.

But as her mom for the last eight years I know that beyond her external beauty…

she has a beautiful heart.

I love her so much…it is a privilege to be her mom.

I am so thankful for the gift that was placed in my arms for the first time eight years ago…

~Happy Birthday Mackenzie Ruth~

Mom :)


8 thoughts on “eight…

  1. These pictures of Mackenzie are adorable (especially the one when she was itty bitty.) Is that precious or what? Happy birthday Mackenzie! Time goes by so fast. Boo hoo. Love to you-

  2. Wow, how times flies! It’s hard to believe you are 8. You are a beautiful girl, Mackenzie…inside and out. We love you and hope you had a special 8th birthday.

  3. Bunches of love to you, Mackenzie! How you have blessed us! And we agree that you are BEAUTIFUL in ALL ways! Happy 8th birthday.

  4. We are sending our Love to you Mackenzie Ruth! What a beautiful girl inside and out you are… hard to believe it has been 8 years. Fun to see those pics, Jenn! Love to you all!

  5. We love our Mackenzie – what a precious friend she is to all our girls. I love how she tries to include Mia’s little sisters and not just play with Mia. Happy 8th, sweet girl! We miss you!

  6. Mackenzie we hope you had a fabulous Birthday. What a blessing you are to us all! So sorry this is late. Know you are loved, celebrated and dearly missed! Can’t wait to see you over Christmas.

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