Apparently without Pinterest projects I don’t know how to blog…

…or maybe it’s the fact that Galen was out of town and then I decided to get sick.  I don’t know…but I have a serious case of writers block.   I sit down at the computer and I just have nothing.  God is doing a lot in my heart right now.  He is opening and closing doors.  He is reminding me once again of what my priorities should be.  He is showing himself faithful to complete a good work that He started a long time ago…and I am thankful. But I am still working a lot of that out between me and Him. ;)

So for today I just have a simple list of things I am thankful for…


~How much we miss him when he is gone…life just doesn’t seem right until he is back and we are six again.

~Quality time with Jackson yesterday and his willingness to help me load up the groceries and set the table without me even asking.

~Mackenzie reading bedtime stories to her little brothers.

~Tucker’s hearty giggle…you can’t help but start giggling too.

~Luke’s running commentary throughout the day…sometimes in the form of a song.

~The gift of sewing and passing that gift along to a friend who has never sewn before.

~Clear direction from the Lord.

Let your roots grow down into Him, and let your lives be built on Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.  ~Colossians 2:7

~jenn ;)



One thought on “Apparently without Pinterest projects I don’t know how to blog…

  1. Thanks for sharing that bible verse. I couldn’t agree more with your statement about God showing Himself faithful to complete the good work that He has started in those who know Him. Thank you for being faithful to the Lord and to your family. Love you, Jenn.

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