Oh this kid…it does my heart good to look at these pictures of him happy and having fun.  We have had a rough few days.  As it was with Jack, Mack, and Tuck…3 is proving to be a more difficult age than 2 and we are only a couple weeks in. ;)  I feel like we are just in a constant battle of wills, and the whining is at a all time high.  By the end of the day my patience is more than gone… it is in the negative.   Being consistent is so hard and so exhausting but I know it is worth it.

I love this little boy.  He is full of creativity and fun, and he brings a different kind of life and personality to our home than any of the other kids.  I know it is just going to take a lot of prayer to know how to channel that personality for good things.  ;)

But just when I think I can’t handle one more minute I can’t help but smile at one of his sweet creations…

…or laugh at him singing his “Turkey Song”…

As I have said many times…life with Lukie is never boring. :)

Happy Monday…



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