10 Days of Pinterest~ Day 10

(**Sorry this is a day late…Pinterest was giving me fits last night!)

I’m so excited that I made it…it’s day 10!!  This has been so much fun and has definitely motivated me to craft more and to make good use of the craft supplies that I have on hand.  I have really enjoyed every single project and I am SO excited to give a couple  away.  But before I get to the giveaway…

Here is Day 10’s original pin…

Source: None via Jennifer on Pinterest


I have made a yarn wreath before but I wanted to try one with multiple colors of yarn.  I actually already had a wreath that I had wrapped in navy blue yarn for the Fourth of July, and then never finished.  So I just used that wreath and yarn I already had and came up with this…

Definitely not a traditional color combination but I really like it. :)  I am going to save it for my front door in the Spring.  I didn’t use as many different colors of yarn as the inspiration wreath but that was just a time issue…just keeping it real. ;)

Here is a close up of the flowers…

Sorry it is a little blurry.  If you click on the link from the original pin it will not take you to a tutorial so here is a link to the tutorial I used a few months ago when I made my first yarn wreath.  She will also teach you how to make the rolled felt flowers that I used.  They are SO easy to make.  The other flowers I used are even easier to make than the rolled ones.  You will find the tutorial for those here.  I made two of those and pinned them on as is and then I made a couple more and cut little slits in them for a slightly differently look.  This was another fun project and I have some plans in my mind for a Christmas yarn wreath that I can’t wait to make!

Okay…so first of all…Thank You to all of you that followed along on this little journey.  It has been so much fun to read your comments and to hear about projects you are working on.  I wish I could invite all of you to a Pinterest Party at my house!  Crafting, coffee, and dessert would be on the agenda!!  But since I can’t invite all of you to that I will invite all of you to my giveaway. :)

So here is how is works…It’s very simple…

Take a look back at projects that I have done and then simply leave me a comment sometime between now and tomorrow, Tuesday, October 25th at 6:00pm central time and tell me… if your name was selected which project you would like made for you?  After 6:00pm tomorrow I will take all the names and randomly select two winners that I will announce Wednesday morning.

**Important**  Whatever you select will be custom made for you!  You pick the colors, fabric, etc…  They do not have to look like what I made. :)

This has been so much fun I am planning to do a 10 Days of Christmas Pinterest…:)

Happy Monday…

~jenn :)


14 thoughts on “10 Days of Pinterest~ Day 10

  1. love the last two days… super fun skirt… although would not look nearly as cute on my hips! well, if my name is drawn… I would love the scarf!! so fun! as for colors… maybe browns/reds/deep oranges/golds? any combo of those fallish colors?? whatever you think… surprise me. xoxo can’t wait to see your christmas projects…. elly

  2. I would love the pumpkins with a visit from our favorite Conants! But if you can’t mail a pumpkin, I would love the scarf in Baylor colors. :) draw my name!!!

  3. Yay Jenn! You finished the 10 days and did an awesome job on everything! My favorite projects were the skirt and the scarf. You looked great in both. I am totally inspired to do this now too. I have a million things pinned and not one of those projects done! Miss you guys!

  4. I have loved checking in on all your cool projects! They are so fun! My favorite… the shirt you made for yourself (although I love Mackenzie’s shirt and I am determined to try to make one for Ainsley) But I think the shirt you made for yourself is so neat! You’ll have to keep posting about other projects you do… it’s always inspiring! :)
    Jen Hodges

  5. You have inspried me to craft. It got me to make a pumpkin shirt for A. LOVE all that you did and the varitey. Love the hairpins and skirt. Pick me!

  6. I love the hairpins and skirt best! :) (but if I win you can do the hairpins, because that skirt looks like A LOT of work)

  7. I am definitely getting my name in the hat for this drawing. I loved seeing your creations every day AND just hearing from you via your blog. I love staying connected with such a dear friend! Anyway, I would pick the circle scarf. I loved the various ways you can wear it. I will stay tuned…

  8. LOVE all of your projects, Jenn! So fun to watch someone else be creative and accomplish things (I can live vicariously through you :) I would choose the necklace onesie/tee for my girls

  9. First off let me tell you how amazing you are!! I love your blog and how you inspire others. I’m sure Galen knows how lucky he is and hopefully your kids do too. My favorite project of the 10 days was the letter on the canvas with the buttons. So inspiring, Courtney and her cousin had a little craft night and each made one for themselves.
    Thanks again!!

  10. Ok. I hadn’t even heard of Pinterest before your little 10days of crafting thingy. Now, I’m hooked! Not sure if I should thank you or not. J/K. I’m so inspired by all of your projects. If my name is drawn, I think I would like the ruffle skirt in black. If that’s too much trouble the scarf you made on day 1 is adorable too and I’d love it! Had a reeeally hard time picking just one thing.

  11. You are such an inspiration~ I going to try really hard to do/ make something off my pininterst boards. I love that website and could spend hours looking at all the stuff I am going to do someday! Love all your projects. You are amazing!! :)

  12. You are so creative Jenn and you inspire me to get downstairs and work on some fun projects! I loved all the projects, but I think my favorites were the ruffle shirt and the hairpins! You are one amazing lady!!

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