10 Days of Pinterest~ Day 9

Today’s project was another last minute addition.  I actually just saw it today and liked it so much that I decided to skip the recipe I was going to try. ;)

Here is the original pin…


I just loved this skirt so much.  It is so feminine but casual.  I love it with boots, but I think it would look great with a cute pair of flip flops too.  It was just too cute to not give it a try. ;)

So… here is mine…

(It is driving the perfectionist in me crazy because I accidentally hiked up that second ruffle on the right side.)

Overall, this was a successful project.  I just followed the instructions on the tutorial, and I used one of my a-line skirts as a pattern.  However, I somehow managed to cut the skirt just a little too narrow.  I got it on for the picture but it was a little snug.  I am going to let out the side seams a little bit, and I think I will be happier with the fit.

I did do a couple of things differently than the tutorial.  First, I used my serger for everything but attaching the ruffles to the skirt.  I used my gathering foot on my serger to make all the ruffles.  The ruffles did not have to have a really tight gather so my gathering foot was perfect.  The other thing that I did differently was that I added a knit band to the top instead of an elastic waist. (I didn’t get a picture…sorry.) The knit band is just a little bit more comfy. :)

It was because of the knit band that I discovered that there is a little bonus to the skirt.  As I was changing, after taking these pictures, I realized that if I unfolded the band, pulled it up, and added a little denim jacket…I could wear it as a dress…

It is like a two for one! :)  Once I let out the sides out a little bit, I am really excited to wear this.  I really like the style and think I’m going to make another one for myself out of some knit.  This was definitely the most time consuming of all of my projects but totally worth it.

See you tomorrow for Day 10!!



11 thoughts on “10 Days of Pinterest~ Day 9

  1. Gorgeous!!! (you and the skirt, btw) the right side doesn’t bother me a bit. As a ruffle skirt it isn’t perfect so I didn’t notice till you said something and I’m still a little confused.. :) I love it!

  2. Jenn, I LOVE, love , love this skirt! I seriously would like to pay you to make me one! So adorable! How much would charge me for this?

  3. IMPRESSIVE!!!! And adorable! Way.to.go. Jenn!! BTW, those uneven ruffles are chic…would not change that. Really cute and love that you have 2 styles in 1.

  4. I just showed my mom your 10 days last night – so cute! We are impressed and inspired! We can hardly wait for the giveaway! Love you.

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