10 Days of Pinterest~ Day 8

I’m back! :)  I hated not doing a project yesterday but  I have been busy with some projects at Jack, Mack, and Tuck’s school and I just ran out of time.  I almost didn’t get a project done today but I decided to just go for it.  I actually finished it in the car tonight on the way out to my parent’s house.  I even had my glue gun plugged in in the car.  (I am 100% serious.) ha ha

So today’s project was not one of my originals projects that I picked to do, but when I saw them yesterday I knew that I wanted to give them a try.  They are so pretty!

Here is the original pin…



And here are mine…

In the tutorial you will see that the originals were made with yo-yo’s from an old family quilt (that is why hers are flatter than mine).  I did not have a quilt to use for these clips, but I did have a yo-yo maker.  In case you are not familiar with what a yo-yo is; a yo -yo is the fabric circle and flower that I used to make these clips.  Yo-yo’s are great to use to embellish SO many different things…purses, shirts, sweaters, etc…  There are  different methods for making them, but my favorite it to use my yo-yo maker.  I bought mine at a little quilt shop, but you can find them at any fabric/craft store.  They look like this and come in different shapes.  I used the circle and the flower.

So, I started with two fabrics that my grandma gave me.  I have no idea how old they are, but I know they are old enough to call vintage. :)  After I made my yo-yo’s, I just followed the tutorial and they came together in just a few minutes.  I did not have the type of bobby pins that she uses in the tutorial so I just improvised and used a piece of felt.  It seems to work just fine but the true test will be when I wear them.

I love them.  Mustard yellow is one of my favorite colors right now so I am partial to the yellow one. :)  As I was working on the pink and blue one I remembered some ribbon  I found at a rummage sale that I thought would go perfectly.  It did and I think it added a sweet little touch.  I can’t wait to wear these.  I think I am actually going to keep them for myself instead of giving them to Mack like I thought I would. :)

Since I missed yesterday, I will post my 10th day on Sunday and explain the giveaway then.  Looking forward to it…

~jenn :)


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