10 Days of Pinterest~ Day 7

Before I get to today’s project, here are a few pictures of my sweet girl modeling her new shirt.  She was so excited about it when she woke up this morning…

Today’s project is all about Pumpkins!  Here are the original two pins…


And here are mine…

I love how they turned out and they are such a fun addition to my entry way.  However, they are not waterproof so I just need to be sure to bring them inside if it rains.  As much as I love them…my kids were pretty disappointed that I wasn’t turning them into Jack-o-lanterns. ;-)

I could not find a tutorial on either of the blogs that the link directs you to, so I took a few pictures to show you how I made them.  I was just guessing on how to do it so there is definitely a possibility that there is a better/easier way.

Here is what I did…

I started by cutting out my leaves and my “C”.  Then I put a coat of Mod Podge over them…

While they were drying I bent the leaves a little bit (hopefully you can see that in the picture) so that they would have a little bit of dimension.  When the “C” was almost completely dry I flipped it over and put a coat of spray adhesive on it and attached it to the pumpkin.  I pressed down hard on it and between the mod podge and the spray adhesive it stuck really well.  (I didn’t get a picture this part.)

After the leaves dried I picked them up and noticed that they weren’t holding their shape as well as I had hoped so I decided to add some floral wire to the back…

I hot glued the wire and once it was dry I was able to bend and shape the leaves.  The wire worked great and I’m really glad I added it.  I attached the leaves to the pumpkins with hot glue and then I decided to that it needed a little something else.  So I made the curly thingys (technical term ;)  by wrapping black ribbon around some floral wire and then curling it around my finger.  Those were hot glued on as well…

I really enjoyed making these and loved that they can be easily personalized for anyone’s style based on the fabric you choose.  Once again… another great project that was quick, easy, and cute! :)

I just want to take a minute and say “thank you” for all of your kind words about all of my projects so far.  You are all so sweet and I appreciate your encouragement so much.  Thank you for taking the time to comment.  I cannot wait to make some of these projects for a couple of you.  I will explain the giveaway on Saturday after I post my 10th project.  I am really looking forward to it…:)

Happy Wednesday…



7 thoughts on “10 Days of Pinterest~ Day 7

  1. WOW! I am so impressed that you are crafting daily! I only dream about it. Top of my list is to make a holiday shirt for A. You are insprining me to get to it!

  2. Jen-
    I am loving your daily craft posts. I know your family probably needs to you stop after day 10 but your friends would LOVE it if you kept doing a project a day :)

  3. Fun stuff. I would love to do crafts daily. I might have to aim for once a week/month other than the crafts of American History projects =) He, he. Beautiful projects. Proud of you!

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