10 Days of Pinterest~ Day 6

I wasn’t sure if today’s project was going to get done.  I enjoyed a “mommy break” today and was able to spend the day with my friend Gretchen at a cute little town in the Hill Country.  We went to a great little fabric shop that I think I could live in.  It is probably a good thing that it is over an hour away from me because my budget would be in serious trouble. ;)  So, after enjoying a day away I had quite a bit to do when I got home.  But I squeezed the project in tonight and thankfully it was another project that came together easily.  Soooooo…

Here is the original pin…

Source: etsy.com via Jennifer on Pinterest


I absolutely love this onesie…bows, polka dots, and rick rack…3 things I love on a baby girl.  However, I decided to adjust my version since my baby girl is almost 8.  It is painful to type that since I promise she was this little yesterday…

Oh, where does the time go?  It goes too fast is all that I know.  Okay…back to the project.  So, I decided to make a big girl version with a little Fall theme…

I have been wanting to make something for Mackenzie using this owl ribbon and I love how it looks with the orange polka dots.  She was already in bed when I finished this project or else I would have had her model it.  Maybe I’ll take a few pictures of her  and share them tomorrow.

There isn’t a tutorial for this project so I took a few pictures as I was putting it together.  I apologize for the bad lighting in all of my pictures.  My craft room does not have great lighting and it was nighttime.

So, I started with a plain (long sleeve) shirt.  This one is from Old Navy and cost a whopping $4.97. :)  I pinned the rick rack onto the shirt and made sure that it was evenly spaced.

Then using a straight stitch, I sewed right down the center of the rick rack to attach it to the shirt.  In true Jenn fashion I did not pin enough and the rick rack shifted a little while I was sewing.  I ended up having to do a little creative cover up to hide my mistake.  Moral of the story…pin your rick rack in place really well! ;)

Then I cut five circles of my cotton fabric and fusible interfacing…

I used a circle cookie cutter to make my circles…

I then arranged my circles on the rick rack and pinned them…

Then I sewed the circles in place using a straight stitch 1/4 inch from the edge of the circle…

I tied a bow and hand stitched it in place with a button on top…

Another fun project.  And now that I’ve made one for my “baby” girl I’m going to make some onesies for some baby gifts. :)

Be back tomorrow with another Fall project.

…jenn :)


4 thoughts on “10 Days of Pinterest~ Day 6

  1. I love this idea!!! Great job, Jenn. May have a new baby ensemble on the way for Kidz Kaffe….too cute not to use! Thanks!!

  2. Hey Jenn! I love what you’re doing! What is Pinterest? And do you come up with your own projects or find them somewhere? I love the sticky bun idea – it’s like some Monkey bread we do. Each piece of dough is dipped in melted butter then into some cinnamon/sugar. Talk about some goo! Thanks for sharing your great projects! I’ve loved all that I see! Have a great day! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  3. Love these onesies. I have some friends who are pregnant and these would make great gifts. I actually made the second day craft. The button letter on a canvas. Love it. Its been so fun to follow your blog!

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