Going to take a break from my 10 Days of Pinterest today.   Today is Luke’s 3rd birthday and we have been celebrating. :)

~Mr. Personality~

Three years ago today I walked into the hospital on my due date to be induced.  My blood pressure had been spiking and so my doctor decided it was time to have a baby.  Just a few hours after arriving at the hospital I was fully dilated and ready to push.  However, I did not even really have to push…it was truly the easiest delivery.  And that was the last time that Luke was “easy going”. ;)  He is such a passionate, determined, funny kid.  He wakes up and immediately is going 60 mph.  Our home is full of so much life because of him and we all love him so much!  The big kids love it when I pick them up from school and I have a funny Lukie story to tell.  Luke has never met a stranger and if you give him an audience he will put on a show.  I am so thankful that the Lord blessed our family with Luke.  He is a gift…:)

Happy Birthday Lukie, buddy, stinky boy, little bubba…

You are loved SO very much!!


Mommy :)

p.s.  Be back tomorrow with 2 projects!



One thought on “three…

  1. Happy Birthday to sweet Luke David! We love him so much and are thankful for the laughter he brings! He will always be Evelyn’s first friend! :) Love you all – happy celebrating!

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