10 Days of Pinterest~ Day 4

I enjoy trying new recipes, but I really enjoy trying new, EASY recipes.  Today’s project fit that to a tee. :)  This morning I made this Sticky Bun Breakfast Ring…


And here is my breakfast ring ready to go into the oven…

And just out of the oven…flipped on to a plate…and ready to eat…

Overall, I liked this recipe but they were a little dry for me.  I am the type of person that likes the gooey center of the cinnamon roll and this reminded me more of the outside part of the cinnamon roll.  I was needing more gooey. ;)  There are a couple of things I would do differently next time.  In the original recipe she says that you can either use the Grands Biscuits or the smaller buttermilk biscuits.  I am going to use the smaller biscuits next time.  I am also going make double the amount of “gooey good stuff.”  I think both of those changes will give them more of the gooey taste that I like. :)

I’m glad I gave this recipe a try.  It was so easy to put together…took only 5 minutes and it looks really pretty.  I’m sure I will make it again.  It would be a great recipe to make and take to a function.

Tomorrow is my baby’s 3rd birthday.  I’m not sure where the last 3 years have gone but they sure have flown.  The next couple of projects will be for his Very Hungry Caterpillar party that we are preparing for.

Happy Saturday…

~jenn :)


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