10 Days of Pinterest~ Day 3

A little late getting this post up today…we have been enjoying a great day with my in-laws.:)  The project for Day 3 was a shirt for me! :)   I never sew for myself so this was fun.

Here is the original pin…


And here is my version…

I made a few changes to my version of the shirt.  First, this project requires two shirts so I looked for the least expensive ones I could find.  These were $5 at Wal-Mart…perfect price but they were v-neck instead of crewneck.  I decided to just make it work.  I like the way it looks, but I would like to make another one using a crewneck shirt.  I really like the “u-shape” that you get with the crew neck.  The other change I  made was with the actual sewing.  In the original tutorial she says to gather along the edge of each strip.  My MIL suggested gathering through the middle.  It was a great suggestion (that is why she is the expert! ;)  It made the ruffles a little fuller, and I think they were easier to arrange.

Another fun and easy project…day 3 was another success. ;)

Just an FYI…if you click the link under the original pin it will take you to the website that has the tutorial.

Trying out a new breakfast recipe tomorrow.  It looks yummy…hopefully it tastes yummy too.

Happy Friday…

~jenn :)


3 thoughts on “10 Days of Pinterest~ Day 3

  1. I am really enjoying your pinterest projects. I think your version of this t-shirt is nice! I like the color too. I especially enjoyed your “M” wall. It game me an idea of what I can do in F and K’s rooms.

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