10 Days of Pinterest ~ Day 2

Day two’s project uses a canvas.  I love using canvases…they are inexpensive and you can use them in SO many different ways.  When I saw this project on Pinterest I knew that I wanted to give it a try because not only did it use a canvas it also used buttons and I love buttons. :)   I even had a blank canvas sitting my craft shelf just waiting to be turned into something fun. ;)

Here is the original pin…

Source: etsy.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

And here is my version…

When I got started I knew that I wanted to make it to add to the “M” wall in Mackenzie’s room.  So, I decided on a black, pink, and white color scheme.

This was another REALLY easy project.  The pin itself does not have a tutorial so I took a few (really bad phone) pictures to show you the basic steps.

You start by cutting a piece of fabric a little larger than the canvas.  It should be large enough that you can fold the fabric around the sides of the canvas.

Then you fold the fabric around the sides and attach with hot glue.

Whatever side I glue first I always glue the opposite side second and make sure to pull the fabric taut.  This is what my canvas looked like when I was done gluing all four sides.

Then I flipped it over and drew an “M” with chalk to use as a guide.

Then I just started gluing buttons.  And apparently I got so carried away with button gluing that I forgot to take any more pictures.;)  I definitely used less buttons that the my inspiration piece did but I like the way it turned out and Mack likes it too.

Another fun, cute, and easy project…another 2 thumbs up. :)

My MIL is here visiting for a few days and so I am hopefully going to enlist her help for tomorrow’s project.  It is a sewing project and she is such an amazing seamstress!!  It will also involve awkward pictures of me…maybe she can help with that too and make me less awkward. ;-)

See you tomorrow..



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