playing catch up…

Well, I could come up with a long list of reasons of why I haven’t been blogging but none of them are very exciting. ;)  But today I am blogging.  Why?  Because my sweet friend Katie told me that she missed my blog posts.  Thanks Katie…that made my day. :)

So let’s catch up…

-Jackson had his 4th grade program on Tuesday night and I can honestly say it was the best school program I have ever been to.  It was a tribute to our country and our military and it was so moving.  There were a lot of thankful tears flowing in the audience.  The students honored each branch of the military by singing their song.  While they were singing they asked that anyone who had served or was serving in that branch stand. My dad and brother attended the program and represented the Army and the Marines.

Here is the Marine Corp song (Jackson is in the middle of the blue group)…

Then they exited the students off the stage and asked all former or current service members to come on stage.  The stage was full.  They  payed tribute to those who had given their lives and paid the ultimate price by having a high school student play Taps.  It was beautiful.  The program finished with everyone singing God Bless America.

God, our country, and our military were honored and it was truly my favorite school program…ever.   Here is some video of Taps and God Bless America…I apologize for the bad camera work.  You can see my Dad (and Luke) on the right side of the stage…

-Mackenzie has finally adjusted to second grade. ;)  I’m thinking this is what we are probably going to go through every school year.  She is just not a big fan of change.  She has a wonderful teacher this year…it just takes Mackenzie a little while to adjust to a new classroom, new expectations, new classmates.  I’m writing this down so that I can read this next year and save myself some worrying. ;)

She has also become our resident fashion expert…

A couple weeks ago I was in my bathroom putting on my makeup.   She came in…took one look at what I was wearing and started giggling.  Then she ran downstairs and said, “Daddy, do you know what Mommy is wearing??”  I’m not kidding.  I actually had to remind myself that she is 7 and I am 35 and I do have some fashion sense…ha ha.  And no, I didn’t change. :)

-Tucker came home at the beginning of this week with some very exciting news.  He found out that his teacher has the BIGGEST treasure box in the whole school.  It was like they were meant for each other.;)  Tucker is ALL about rewards, prizes, treats, etc…  And the best part is he saves EVERY one of them.  Be on the look out for Tucker on an episode of Hoarders sometime in the next 10-15 years.  ;)

-And this guy…

is almost three!!  He is SO excited for his birthday this year.  We are doing a Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday and he has requested ice-cream and friends.  I think we can make that happen.

-Galen and I get to go to a wedding tonight.  We are so excited for a night out and to celebrate a beautiful marriage.  It is going to be great.  I even bought a new dress and shoes!! :)

-And tomorrow is another day of football.  Praying that the Husker game ends a little better this week…Go Big Red!

…jenn :)


3 thoughts on “playing catch up…

  1. Luke looks adorable and mischevious all at the same time. Thanks for the family update. Miss you guys!

  2. I love reading your blog, too – so glad you gave the update! With all our October birthdays and Luke’s big # 3 this month, it make me miss y’all all the more. Love you!

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