It’s the first day of Fall…


…I picked the big kids (plus one friend) up from school…we made a Sonic Happy Hour stop…and then headed to the park. It is such a beautiful day today. Although I would love to be enjoying some real Fall weather I am just SO thankful that temps have dropped significantly here in South Texas. We have said goodbye to 100+ temps. I am also so thankful for a few quiet moments to blog and for a phone that I can do that from.
Our days have been full…full of good things…
bible study
When my head hits the pillow at night I have no trouble falling asleep. It is a busy time of life but I would not trade a minute of it.
I am so thankful for my husband and for the four little lives that God has entrusted us with. A friend of mine, who because of infertility could only have one child, recently reminded me of how blessed I am to have such a noisy, full, home…car…life. :) It was such a good reminder.
And speaking of cars…
After our recent car accident the insurance company decided to total our van. We had mixed feelings about it and the money it would take to buy a new van but the Lord is always faithful to provide. Last week Galen found a great van for our family…one that should last for quite a few years. We all love it and are SO thankful for it. I personally am enjoying how clean it is…at least temporarily. ;-)


God is good…all the time.
Happy First Day of Fall…
~jenn :)


One thought on “It’s the first day of Fall…

  1. What?? No more white van. I’ll have to adjust the picture I have in my mind of you driving around TX. (That sounds kind of stalkerish doesn’t it? :-)

    It sounds like things are going well for all of you!! You guys are missed around here!

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