Little House…


The Summer after my first grade year my family moved to Mexico City. My parents were going to serve as missionaries there. Before we moved my sweet first grade teacher gave me a couple of gifts. One of them was the complete set of The Little House on the Prairie books. I loved to read so it was a very special gift.
That was 28 years ago and I have managed to hang on to that set of books. They have sat on many different bookshelves in all three homes that Galen and I have lived in during our 13 years of marriage. Seeing them reminds me of a great time in my childhood and of a very thoughtful teacher.
I loved reading each of those stories as a kid and last night I started reading them to my kids. We all piled onto Jackson’s bed and read Chapter 1. I loved reading to my big kids…two of whom could easily read this book on their own. These are the moments that I hope will become sweet memories for them. And maybe one day these books will be read to my grandkids…
~jenn :)


4 thoughts on “Little House…

  1. I have a copy of that book that looks exactly like that (creases and all), and my mom just found it and is bringing it down when she visits. Great books!

  2. The love of reading is that priceless gift we pass on to our children. I have a vision in my mind of what a special famiy time you have created. I’m sure you inspire many of your blog followers.

  3. I was given the same exact set as a gift too and now I have passed it on to Karis. I hope someday she will pass it on to her children! Great books:)

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