Just a reminder…

It’s Back to School Dinner time.  Here is my reminder post from last year that has all the details.  There were so many of you that did this last year and I loved seeing the pictures on your blog, FB, etc..  I love any reason to celebrate and to decorate a pretty table, but this dinner is about much more than that.  It is about coming together before another school year begins and getting our priorities in order…

~the Lord



If I want my kids to be salt and light to a dark world I need to first do my job of being salt and light, and I need to equip them with what they need.  Having a family verse to meditate on all year has been a wonderful way to do that!  That is one new thing that I am going to incorporate into our dinner this year…I am going to have each of the kids create a canvas with this year’s verse to hang up in their rooms and I am going to make one for the kitchen.  Just a simple way to have a daily reminder of the Word that we want to focus on this year.

I would love to see a Back to School Dinner revolution sweep across this country…ha ha…okay so that is slightly dramatic…but seriously the thought of so many families beginning their school years with this type of focus is so exciting to me!! :)  The mission’s statement of our church is to…

Make disciples who love God, love Others, and serve the World.

I want that to be my mission statement as a mother too and I think that this simple dinner is a good way to start. :)

If you do a dinner and you don’t mind me sharing it on a future blog post please let me know.  To all my awesome homeschooling friends I would love to see any adjustments you might make.  If you have a blog I will link to your blog.  If you don’t have a blog, I would love for you to email me some pictures that I could share.  What  a great way to get ideas from one another!

Much Love…



2 thoughts on “Just a reminder…

  1. Jenn- What verse are you using this year. We are having our back to school dinner tonight and we are using the verse Psalm 121:8 “The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” I will post pictures after we get done with our dinner tonight….well, somday! :)

  2. I am planning on doing a back to school dinner again, and I will send you my pics! Thanks so much for the reminder – missing you so very much.

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