Boot Camp…

Back in March I decided that I needed to do something about the baby weight I was still hanging on to…and adding to :(. I felt terrible and I refused to buy the next size of jeans. So I started counting calories using the Live Strong App on my phone and I exercised…everyday. Jillian Michaels was my best friend (and worst enemy ha ha)…her 30 day Shred DVD kicked my butt and helped me to lose 11 lbs.
When I finished the 30 day Shred I wasn’t sure what I was going to do next. I kinda floundered for a while and found myself reverting to some bad habits…and then Swim Team started. One day at practice one of the other swim team moms said that once school was out and morning practices started that her sister (another swim team mom) was thinking about teaching a boot camp. We would do it at the park right next to the pool and all we needed were hand weights and a mat. I was a little nervous. Just the title “Boot Camp” was so intimidating but I knew it was exactly what I needed. So for the last 7 weeks most mornings you can find me at boot camp. We decided to keep going even after swim team ended because we were all enjoying it so much. It’s hard…really hard and it’s HOT but our little group has bonded. The accountability and encouragement that comes from doing something like this in a group is awesome! I have not lost a ton more weight but I have toned my body. I can actually see muscles that have been buried for far too long under too much padding! I have also pushed myself to do something that 6 months ago I would have said I could never do. It has been a great experience!

Here is a picture of our group. Two of our regulars are missing. Maggi (second from the left) is our fearless leader. I love these ladies… We have bonded over sweat, sore muscles, and our crazy crew of kids that play around us while we work out. :)


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