my poor neglected blog…

We’ve just been living a lot of life…keeping busy…having lots of fun.  Time at the computer is just not a priority.  Which I don’t think it such a bad thing. ;)

This past weekend we had Swim Team finals.  Jackson qualified to compete and we had the joy of being at the pool at 6:30am. :)  It was a great morning.  A good finish to the season…

One of the best things about where the finals are held is that the kids get to see their names up on the big screen…

Jackson finished well…we were very proud of him…

And when did he start looking so grown up??  I’m not sure that I like it. ;)  On Monday night we had our end of season awards night.  All the swimmers were presented with a medal and ribbons for their personal best race…

(Side note-poor Mack took a bad fall when we were at Six Flags on Sunday.  She tripped on a ramp and pretty much broke her fall with her face. :(  Poor girl. )

Then they gave out some special awards and we were so proud when Jackson won a Most Improved and Mackenzie a Best Attitude award…

Jackson won Most Improved last season too and so we could tell that he wasn’t too sure about winning it again.  But we told him that it just means that he just keeps getting better…and that is always a good thing. :)

It was a good season.  Proud of our two swimmers and looking forward to next Summer when we add a third swimmer…a certain little red head wants to try it out next year. :)

Go Shockwaves!!

…jenn :)




2 thoughts on “my poor neglected blog…

  1. So Proud of Jack and Mackenzie! What a wonderful experience for them both. Sending much love your way. Can’t wait to see the G Conant clan again :)

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