Cornstarch Paint…

Yesterday was “art day” so we gave this a try.  I was looking for a new art activity but I didn’t want to have to buy anything.  I came across this project on the Crafty Crow website and knew I had everything in my pantry so it was perfect!

~Mix equal parts cornstarch and water (I like the consistency better when there was a little more cornstarch than water).

~Add food coloring of your choice.  We made several different colors. :)

~Mix everything together really well until the cornstarch is completely combined.  I love how bright the colors are.

~Start painting.  We used the driveway as our canvas.  They also suggested painting on foil and we gave that a try too.

~And, of course, it is extra fun if you do it in your pajamas! :)

Overall a fun project and one that all my kids ages 2.5 – 9 yrs enjoyed.  This paint is washable and I just used the hose to wash our driveway.  It all came off…except for the blue. ;)  I went a little crazy when I was making the blue paint and added quite a bit of food dye.  I sprayed some bleach cleaner on those spots in the driveway and it took care of it but I would advise going easy on the blue food coloring.  :)  Or if you don’t want to have to go easy  on the food coloring just paint on the foil.  I love the way the colors dried on the foil.

It was fun and something we will definitely do again…




2 thoughts on “Cornstarch Paint…

  1. Saw your blog just as we were getting ready to do a lemonade stand, so I told the girls to paint their sign with the cornstarch paint, but we had a hard time getting a good consistancy:( ( I think it’s their non-crafty mother:) so we resorted to markers and crayons. I really liked the idea though. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Hugs to everyone!

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