Oh this kid…

Luke has definitely been our most strong willed child.  Pretty much everything is the hill he wishes to die on.  He reminds my parents of one of their children…I’m not mentioning any names but there is a strong possibility that he comes by this character trait pretty honestly.  Well, my dad has been telling Luke that the verse he is praying for him this year is…to obey is better.  :)  

Up until a couple of weeks ago we could never get this highly verbal child to say it…it was like he knew exactly what it meant…ha ha.  He finally started whispering it and then eventually saying it when we asked him to…and then today he took it to a whole other level…

We were driving in the car and Tucker was having some issues that I was talking to him about.  When I was done talking Luke decides to put his two cents in and says…

Bubba…do you understand?  To obey is better.  

Well played Lukie…well played.




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