swimming with the big fish…

Jackson and Mackenzie had a swim meet on Saturday.  We know ahead of time what events they will swim and Jackson was scheduled to be in three events.  Well, that morning there were a quite a few swimmers that didn’t show up for a variety of reasons.  Instead of forfeiting several of the relays the coaches started asking some of the other swimmers if they would fill in.  Jackson was one of the swimmers that was asked to swim in an additional relay…with the 13 and 14 year olds.

This is him standing with his team…he looks so little…

I could tell that he was nervous but he got ready and did what he had to do…

I love his coaches face as he takes off…

It was a 50 meter medley relay and Jackson swam the second leg which was freestyle…

We were so proud of him.  He did his best and looked really good out there.  The highlight for him was after the race when one of the guys on his team came over and thanked him for stepping in.  He told Jackson, “we couldn’t have done it without you.”  :)

When I asked him how he felt about the race he said , “Mom, my knees were shaking…I mean literally shaking!”

Thankful for experiences like this one in his life to show him that when we are asked to step up and do something a little scary…out of our comfort zone…something that causes our knees to literally shake …that the Lord is there…giving us strength in our weakness.

So proud of him…he’s a great kid…and I’m thankful to be his mom.



5 thoughts on “swimming with the big fish…

  1. So proud of him, Jenn! Love that photo of him next to all the older kids – he is just growing up into a fine young man.

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