Another first…

On Sunday we had another first in our family…we dropped Jackson off at Summer Camp.:)  Earlier in the year the mom of one of Jackson’s friends from school approached me about Jackson going to Summer Camp with her son.  It’s a camp called His Hill Ranch that she grew up going to every Summer.  This was going to be her son’s first year and she felt like he would be more comfortable if he had a buddy going too.  So, we did a little research on the camp and talked to Jackson about it.  He was so excited and not at all nervous about being gone for a week so we decided to sign him up!

On Sunday evening we drove him up there (it’s about 45 min away), met his counselors, got his bunk set up, and drove him nuts taking tons of pictures…

I wish I could be a fly on the wall at camp.:)  I’m sure he is having a great time…I was even able to see a few pictures of him on the camp website.  Looking forward to hearing about all his adventures when we pick him up on Friday.

My first baby is growing up…

~jenn :)


3 thoughts on “Another first…

  1. I love these. Brady is at camp too this week. I remember dropping him off for the fist time and now he is close to being a junior counselor. My how time flies. I am sure it will be a wonderful experience for jack!

  2. Love that he gets to experience camp! Praying it will be a fun and growing time for Jack. Glad you are taking all those pictures :-)

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