It has been far too long since I have blogged…

I feel like a broken record but we have just been so BUSY.  Lots going on as school comes to an end.  Along with all the school stuff we started swim team last week.  This is Jackson’s second year and Mackenzie’s first.  Jackson is in heaven…loving being back in the water.  I think this is the first day that I can honestly say Mackenzie had fun.;)  It is hard work.  They are in the water 5 days a week for a hour and they swim hard for an hour.  She is pretty tired but she is learning so much and it has been a great opportunity to teach her about sticking with something even when it is hard.  She “dove” off the blocks today and I was so proud of her…she was so proud of herself.  I actually got some pictures uploaded of them swimming today.  Enjoy…

And this guy loves to come along and play in the kiddie pool…

It is a big time investment but so worth it. :)

It’s Field Day at school tomorrow…

it’s also going to be almost 100 degrees.

Guess who signed up to volunteer??

Lucky me…;)



2 thoughts on “It has been far too long since I have blogged…

  1. cute pics!
    bummer about the 100 degrees today!!!

    where did you get M’s goggles?? they look supper comfy and stay putish.

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