May…the silent December…

I read that on Facebook the other day and I yelled out a big “Amen”.  May has been absolutely crazy…hence the lack of blogging.  The first week of May we had…and I do not exaggerate…

  • Teacher Appreciation Week activities for 4 teachers.
  • A Teacher/Staff Appreciation luncheon for 100 that I was in charge of.
  • Mack’s 1st grade program.
  • AWANA awards night
  • A special 1st grade reading program (called Reading Restaurant) for Mack.
  • Bike Rodeo

In addition to “regular life”  like laundry, cleaning, dinner, etc…which does not magically go away during busy weeks.   It was insane!  I got very little sleep and crashed pretty hard the weekend after it was over.  The last couple of weeks have been a little bit better but still VERY busy.  I am really ready for Summer…I might be more excited than the kids.

I have been thankful this week for a few quiet moments…

  • Doing my devotions on the deck while enjoying a beautiful, cool morning.
  • Having coffee with Natalie Monday night.  Lately our time spent together seems to always involve two very STRONG willed two year olds who shall remain nameless…not the least bit relaxing. ;)  Nice to have some grown up conversation without being interrupted.
  • Looking forward to Thursday…spending the day in Gruene with Lauren and Gretchen.  It has been way too long since I have seen Gretchen and Lauren’s family is getting ready to move so I am cherishing all the time that we have left!  It is going to be so nice to browse through the cute shops and just enjoy one another’s company.

I have lots of pictures to upload from the last few weeks that I want to share.  Hope to get to those by the end of the week.

Happy Tuesday…



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