my faux Anthropologie purse…

I love Anthropologie…love it!  I walk in there and I am in my happy place!!  What I don’t love are their prices.  $128 shirts are just not in my budget…not if my family wants to eat.  The last time I was there I fell in love with a purse… a cream canvas purse with fabric flowers on it and I just loved it!  However, it was $95.  I started thinking that if I could find a cute canvas purse that it would be easy to add the fabric flowers to it.  I was so excited when just a couple days later I found the perfect one at Wal-Mart for $12!!

Part of my Mother’s Day gift was a few quiet hours to sew on Sunday afternoon and I knew that this was the project I wanted to work on.  After about an hour this is what I came up with…

A fun Summer purse that is extra cute because of the $12 price tag. ;)



4 thoughts on “my faux Anthropologie purse…

  1. Love it! It is even better than the one @ the store since it is one of a kind… you are so talented!!

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