Our Easter Weekend-The better late than never edition…

The kids were off of school on Good Friday and of course the million dollar question was.. “What “fun thing” are we going to do today?”  When I suggested a cooking day they were all so excited.  They love to cook!  So we made our traditional “homemade” donuts and then we tried something new and made Rice Krispie Treat Easter Eggs…

Jackson decided to give his eggs the natural look…

but Mackenzie and Tucker decided to get a little fancy…:)

After Luke went down for a nap I spent some time talking to the kids about Passover…

We had a great time talking about the significance of each of the items on our Passover plate

and I decided that next year I would really love to do a Passover dinner.

We took some time to read the passage about the crucifixion in Luke and then we watched a video from the Jesus Storybook Bible about Good Friday.

I was so thankful for a few quiet moments to spend with my kids concentrating on what our Savior did for us.


That night we enjoyed a night at the theater…the children’s theater that is. :)

We saw a really cute  production of Charlotte’s Web with our friends Ryan and Bridget and their two sweet kids…

They all have red faces because they had just finished playing on the awesome play structure that is just outside of the theater.

Oh and also because even though it is only April it is already Summer here is South Texas. :)

On Saturday we went to an Easter Egg hunt with my parents that I did not really get andy decent pictures of.

This was about the best that I got…

That afternoon I finished a little dress for sweet baby Madison to wear on Easter Sunday…

The “Easter Bunny” was up pretty late that night filling baskets and setting out the “bunny prints”…

Everyone was up by 6:15 ready to follow the “prints”…

They all enjoyed looking through their baskets…

After Easter baskets were enjoyed we made Resurrection Rolls

and then watched the video from the Jesus Storybook Bible about Resurrection Sunday!

I hurried every along in getting dressed so that we would have a few minutes to take some pictures.

The boys were wearing white and so I knew that my opportunity for a picture with clean shirts was pretty narrow.:)

We were blessed by a wonderful Easter service at church

and then had Easter lunch at the Cooleys with my parents.

We spent some time resting in the afternoon

and then enjoyed Easter dinner with the Powers.

It was such a beautiful Resurrection Sunday celebrating our risen Savior and enjoying the blessing of family and friends.

Thank you Lord…

You are so good.



3 thoughts on “Our Easter Weekend-The better late than never edition…

  1. cute cute cute!!!
    we made those Resurrection Rolls too (um…they were yummy!)

    could you send me that Passover plate info?
    do you have it?
    (no rush…)

  2. Love you Jenn and I also love how purposeful you are in the activities you do with your kids. Thanks for sharing – I always get great ideas from you. So good to talk the other day. Keep in touch!

  3. Love your post, as always! I wish you lived next store!=) I miss your thoughtfulness and godly perspective on live. I am glad that you share through your blog=) It still makes me feel like you are near.=0

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