busy week…

~Our Spring Bible study session is wrapping up this week.  We are doing a dinner for the evening study and a brunch for the morning study so I am knee deep in little details.

~It’s Fiesta week  in San Antonio.  Every April there is a week of food, parades, a carnival, etc.. to celebrate Fiesta.  The kids even get the day off on Friday for the Battle of Flowers parade.  One of the joys of Fiesta (read with sarcasm) is the Kindergarten Fiesta Shoebox Float parade.  It was about the death of me last year.  If I would just let the kids do their thing and not let my control freak nature take over I would save myself a lot of stress…but I have yet to be able to do that. ha ha  So sometime between now and Thursday morning Tucker and I need to create a float.  Our theme..Popcorn. :)

~We are leaving on Thursday afternoon to spend the weekend in Nebraska.  We are so excited to be able to spend Palm Sunday with Galen’s family and get to hear the Easter Cantata at my in-law’s church.  The biggest highlight of this trip…we are flying instead of driving.  The kids are beyond excited…I wish I shared their excitement.  I have become such a wimp about flying…I told Galen he may need to heavily medicate me.  ;)

~I apologize for the lack of blog posts  and for the “patheticness” of my blog posts lately.  I am having major writers block and I haven’t really had my camera out much.  I’m hoping that I will get some inspiration…soon.  I think a trip to Hawaii would really give me some inspiration..hint, hint Galen. ;)

Have a great Tuesday…

~jenn :)


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