I have all of a sudden found myself in place that I have longed to be.  A place of balance…a place of simplicity.  My calendar is not overloaded, my commitments are not overwhelming, I am able to say a wonderful little two letter word…”no”.  I have felt conviction in regards to simplifying my life for some time now, but at the beginning of this year I felt an urgency like never before.  I just got so tired of running ragged!

It has been a slow process but I have begun to guard my time and not fill my days just to fill my days.  I have developed this new part of my personality…I have become a little bit of a homebody.  I was joking with Galen that it is like I don’t even know myself anymore. ;)  I have desperately needed to incorporate exercise into my life and by simplifying in other areas I have been able to do that.

I am just so thankful to the Lord for being faithful to speak to my heart about this…again.  I am not saying that I am “cured”…something tells me that busyness is something I will always have to guard against.  But I have tasted a little bit of simplicity…and it is so good!

~jenn :)



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