Happy Birthday…

to my All Star Husband…:)

There are so many things I love about you…

your kind heart

your generosity

your desire to seek the Lord in all things

how you only raise your voice for two things…politics and Husker Football

the way you love our kids

the soft spot that you have for babies and how you always fight me to hold them :)

that you pray for me

how you love my family like your own

how you love your family

that you always tell me that you love me

how cute you looked in red, white, and blue wrist and headbands…;)

I love you forever…

Happy Birthday!!



4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday…

  1. Hilarious!! Love the tube socks and wrist bands. Don’t even get me started on the head band! Happy Birthday Galen! You better be getting an awesome present from your lovely wife after she posted this pic!! ;-)

  2. That is just awesome. Jake says that picture reminds him of Mackenzie…
    hope Galen had an awesome birthday! He is a wonderful brother-in-law to us, so kind and always remembers to ask us how we’re doing. So blessed to call him family! Love from Jake, Marie & kiddos

  3. I love this photo! It’s hilarious – and SO Galen! He’s very patriotic – which he displays with his red, white and blue craziness…and he is definitely a good sport, first for posing for this photo and second, for allowing you to post this on your blog! I LOVE it! :) Happy Birthday, Galen!

  4. What a awesome soccer stud! Thanks for sharing the picture! Happy Birthday, Galen. Ryan said he remembers a matching soccer uniform from his childhood too!

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