a little Spring break creativity…

Took some time while my sister in law was here to do something crafty.  Marie had seen these yarn wreaths on a blog and my mom and I both fell in love with them.  We took a trip to Joann’s for some supplies and we got to work…

Wrapping the yarn was a little time consuming but SO easy.  After wrapping the yarn I made some felt flowers (instructions on the link above) and then hot glued them to the wreath…

Easy and so fun.  I was really wanting something new for my door so this was a perfect craft.

While I was on a crafting roll I decided to make another canvas…

I bought the supplies a couple of weeks ago but had not made any time to make it.  I love these little canvasas

because they are so inexpensive to make and you can use so many different types of materials.

For this canvas I just mod podged a piece of scrapbook paper onto the canvas.  Took a

coordinating color of scrapbook paper (the turquoise) and tore it so it would have a

more interesting edge.  I mod podged that onto the canvas and then hot glued a piece of lace over that.

I had some extra red felt so I made another felt flower and hot glued that on top of the lace.

Another quick and easy project that cost less than 7 dollars. :)



2 thoughts on “a little Spring break creativity…

  1. Love catching up on your blog, as always. Your style still amazes me. =) Wish I had just a “smidge” of it. I think everything in my house probably looks the same as the last time you saw it…how long ago was that???=) oh, well. For now, I will enjoy YOUR house.=0

  2. wreath–super cute. canvas–darling. way to go!

    I made a little canvas at a girls night last week…it’s on my blog a few entries back. I like yours better…simple. We were doing collages. I might be hooked on the whole mod podge thing…it was really fun.

    Love catching up on your blog.

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