I’m so behind…again

I guess we have just been busy living life.  There has been a lot going on, but as I have said before this blog is my family scrapbook so I am going to back track a little.  Last weekend my brother, sister in law and their kids came from Houston to stay for a few days.  Both of our kids were on Spring Break so it worked out perfectly.

On Sunday we had a little birthday party at the park for Tuck…

We were blessed to have a really fun group of family, friends, and some of Tucker’s classmates come and help us celebrate.

He had a fun time celebrating being six!:)

Last Fall my parents bought some property about 30 minutes north of town.

This Summer they are planning to build a house, but they have spent the

last few months clearing out the land and getting it ready.

The kids LOVE to go there and so after the party we all headed up there for dinner.

The Cooleys came too and we had such a great time. :)

Apparently, Tucker felt very passionate about something at dinner…

Georgia and Luke made themselves comfortable with Uncle Jake…

You will happy to know that Galen and Bo were able to solve all the world’s problems while we were there…;)

Sweet Evelyn had a great time playing in the back of my dad’s truck…

My Dad got a fire going and we roasted marshmallows…

This next picture makes me laugh…

I made a really big deal about all the kids wearing tennis shoes and then I forgot to bring some for Luke.

Lauren had some extra ones and so Luke spent a couple of hours wearing girl tennis shoes and socks…:)

Luke hanging out with Uncle Bo…

At the end of the day we had some very tired but happy kids…with dirty hands and dirty faces.

The color of the bath water was evidence of just how much fun they had had…

being kids. :)

It was a great day…



One thought on “I’m so behind…again

  1. Love all the photos, Jenn – it was a fun day and night! I would love a copy of the photos of Evelyn in the back of the truck, the one of the girls in the truck bed and the one of Luke and Bo when you get a chance! So cute!

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