Ladies man…

Galen took the kids to the park last weekend.  While they were there Luke decided to attach himself to two girls….probably about middle school age.

He was saying all sorts of silly things trying to make them laugh.

He succeeded, and they thought he was so cute.

At one point they started walking away from him and he ran after them yelling, “Hey girls…come back!”

Galen noticed Jackson watching the whole situation unfold.

After watching for a little while Jackson comes over to Galen and says,

“Dad…I don’t think Luke is going to have any problem getting married.

Girls LOVE him.”  ;)



4 thoughts on “Ladies man…

  1. that is so cute! I’ve got a little ladie’s man too…now that he’s ten I guess I should be praying about it a little more…cause he loves the girls right back. :0)

  2. That is great:)…. I can see why he does have the charm going with that smile!! Love you all!

  3. I agree Luke is quite the ladies man, for sure! Evelyn saw his photo on the screen and started cheering, “LUKIE, LUKIE!” He definitely has the beginning of a fan club with the Cooley girlies over here! :)

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