because I always need to be changing something ;)

This corner of my living room was just boring…

In fact, up until last weekend that mirror wasn’t even there.  It was just a blank wall.  I just could never decide what I wanted to hang there.  In the past couple of weeks I saw two different decorating shows that got the wheels in my head turning. :)  I went up into my attic and rummaged around for a few things.  I took some things apart…

and used a little spray paint…

I thought a little bit outside of the box and came up with this (excuse the glare)…

I used what I had because I was determined to not have to buy anything.  My favorite part is the framed clutch purse with the fabric flower.  In the heart, I framed vintage ribbon and in the 5×7 frame below it I framed a piece of fabric.  I’m really happy with it and love that I didn’t have to spend any money to make it happen. :)

I kept the black mirror but I just moved it over to the right…

I found the decal that is on the mirror at the dollar store a few months ago.   I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it but since it was only a dollar I picked it up. :)  I love what it added to the mirror…

Of course now that I have made a few changes I want to make some more changes…but for the sake of my family I’ll pace myself. ;)



4 thoughts on “because I always need to be changing something ;)

  1. Change is always so much fun. Although Courtney is no longer living with us I just changed her bedroom from a teenage hang out to one of the grown up that comes to visit! I too spray painted the old headboard and mirror to match the new black,gray and white decor. Love designing on a dime!

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