a little bit of this and that…

1.  This one…

He  looks so sweet and innocent in this picture but he is causing me to doubt my abilities as a mother. ;) He has taken the terrible two’s to a completely different level than his brothers or sister ever did.  I am hoping we are both alive by the time he turns three.  Oh, and just in case you were really impressed with how clean my playroom is…don’t be…this lasted all of 5 minutes. ;)

2.  Natalie had her baby last week.  Sweet Madison Joy was born last Wednesday and she is beautiful.  I spent Sunday morning with Natalie while Jason was a church.  I had the terribly, difficult job of cuddling a sweet newborn…it was rough. ;)  While I was there I made a few changes to the girl’s room.  I was just never happy with what I did above Madison’s crib and there was a blank wall that was bothering me.  So I fixed them and I feel so much better. :)

I also got a better picture of the gorgeous curtains that my friend Daphne made…

And here is a picture of the sweet baby girl…she is so pretty and such a good baby.

3.  Jack, Mack, and Tuck…

Galen normally takes them to school in the morning but I took them today.  As we pulled into the drop off lane and they were about to get out Jackson said, “We remember what Dad always says…love your neighbor, remember you’re a Conant, and let you light shine.”  Love it…:)

4. On Saturday I will be attending a photography workshop by the amazing Breanna Powers of Powerhouse Studios.  I have really developed a love of photography and I am so excited to learn more!!  Breanna took our Christmas card pictures…which I love!!  She is not only an amazing photographer, she is also a dear friend.  I am REALLY looking forward to Saturday. :)

I have another dessert and an “oldie but goodie” soup recipe for Favorite Recipe Friday…can’t wait to share. :)



2 thoughts on “a little bit of this and that…

  1. Love this post – so real. And I know what the terrible two’s and three’s are like…you will survive, Jenn! And that sweet Luke will hold such a special place in your heart because you both are going through so much together. :) And I LOVE Reagan and Madison’s room – precious.

  2. Gosh it seems like we haven’t seen you all in forever. The only way to really stay updated is to read your blog and I’ve neglected mine so badly. I just love those precious kids and look forward to seeing you all very soon. Sending ya’ll love from Houston…:)

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