Favorite Recipe Friday…

My friend Amanda started a Foodie Friday on her blog.  When she told me about her idea the wheels started turning in my head about a food post that I could do on Fridays.  So welcome to …Favorite Recipe Friday. :)

We love to have people over for dinner and often times after we are done eating our guests will say to Galen, “Do you get to eat like this everyday”?  My poor husband…he just smiles and is sweet enough to not throw his wife under the bus.  ha ha

Because the truth is that I love to cook for a crowd…I love every aspect of entertaining…but the everyday, Monday-Friday cooking…I am really not so good at.  I get stuck in a rut and tend to make the same 8-10 meals over and over and over again.  So my hope is that Favorite Recipe Friday will be my motivation to try some new recipes, and to dig a little deeper into my large recipe box and find some oldies but goodies that I have not made in a while.

I am excited about it…Galen is REALLY excited about it! :)

So my Favorite Recipe for this week~

The Pioneer Woman’s

Braised Short Ribs~ Heaven on a Plate

Oh my goodness…these were amazing!  So delicious and moist and so full of flavor.  It truly was heaven on a plate. :)  The one change that I made was that I used boneless short ribs (because they were cheaper).  I don’t know if the bone would have made much of a difference but if it would have…I guess ignorance was bliss in our case. :)

The ribs are made in a dutch oven.   My mom and dad gave me a dutch oven for Christmas and so that was one of the reasons I chose this recipe.  I loved the convenience of this entire dish being made in one pot that started on the stove top and transferred to the oven.

Here is a look at the ribs when I took them out of the oven…sooo yummy!

I served the ribs with mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, and rolls .

I just realized that you can’t even see the rib…but trust me…it is under all the deliciousness. :)  As I was buying the ribs I wondered if one rib would really be enough for Galen, but it was.  There is a lot of meat and with everything else it was plenty of food.

So…thanks Amanda for a great idea to focus on food on Fridays. ;)

Go check out her post today.  I got to try the muffins she talks about and they were really good!

Happy Friday…



3 thoughts on “Favorite Recipe Friday…

  1. I love the pics, Jenn! And thanked for the shout out. Hopefully, this will help get more creative during the week. :) I actually cook all week, then don’t want to do anything on the weekend! ha. I will definitely think of this recipe when I see beef ribs on sale again. they often are. Very good to know that the boneless work just as well as the ones with bones. Can’t wait for next week now. :)


  2. Excited about the new Foodie posts on Fridays from both you and Amanda :) Should be good for me and my family too!

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